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French Guiana - Americas. Honduras - Americas Honduras Cheerleading. Mexico - Americas Arq. Panama - Americas Nacional de Porrismo Panama. Saint Kitts and Nevis - Americas Details coming soon. Trinidad and Tobago - Americas Details coming soon. Venezuela - Americas Federacion Venezolano de Porrismo. Kazakhstan - Asia Ms. Laos - Asia Laos Cheerleading. It also explores some of the factors behind teacher shortages, revealing that gender inequality and pay discrepancies within the education sector are a big part of the problem.

A new report from Eurydice recognises the importance of support measures for the initial training and continued development of teacher-specific digital competences.

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In particular, they explored ways to introduce the gender equality aspect in social dialogue and collective bargaining with employers. The opinion also highlights the key role of teachers, and their need for training and support. By playing an active role in training and professional development, education trade unions support their members in their work and defend the status of teaching as an independent profession. What's our model… twitter. Global Climate Strike: education for the environment Young people are demanding meaningful political action on environmental issues, with protests around the globe.

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Eurydice Report on Digital Education: Teachers need quality initial and continuous training in digital skills A firm grounding in digital skills is vital for students and their teachers. Download our App Android iOS.

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Addressing Gender Equality in Social Dialogue.