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The cost of this deck isn't too much ,I think. Most of the cards will stick for more then 1 year, so they are a good craft anyways. Boom, Mad Genius or any value card. Boom, Mad Genius. Reckless Flurry what should i put away or should i not include it? I have Alexstrasza and Onyxia. Well, funny deck, but How budget deck is supposed to win against full 12k dust odd control deck with ysera and other crazy value cards?

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I play this budget and I like a lot and have a nice winrate. But I think I need updates for this :D. Okay, im not a good player but unfortunately this deck is not working well. Sounded fun, looked fun, 3 hours 10 games 0 wins later, not very fun sorry. Believe me i tried, and really wanted this to work. Help Register Sign In. Hello mon's!

Deck updated with the new rotation and Rise of Shadows. Thanks everyone for upvoting this deck, it means a lot to me.

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Since all budget decks seem to be aggro oriented, I tried creating a slower deck instead. It has some of the usual control tools for warrior no epic cards sadly. This deck is very fun to play, and I hope somone will acually find this idea interesting. May the RNG be with you! Comments 29 Similar Decks Revision History. And we wonder why we live in defeat.

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There is defeat because, typically, men have always been taught to conquer conflict—to slay the dragon. Counterpoint, women have always been taught to submit to conflict—to subdue by swooning before the dragon, to give in. When both of these two roles of conquering and submitting are practiced exclusively, it puts all of us at risk and backs us into a comer. Alan Basham, former director of the counseling center at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington, adds another interesting angle.

He believes that men are dying younger than women because they are never allowed to experience the love of damsels in distress until they first relieve the distress. And so men, use of sword and shield an art form, are dying not so much from battle wounds but from something far more deadly. They are not loved for who they are but only for what they can do.

Women, on the other hand, are surviving, but in today's violent world they're surviving too often as victims, helpless damsels who cannot, dare not, pick up sword and shield in self-defense. As women, we are to await the hero and in the event of the hero's absence, to submit. Like Rapunzel? So if statistically men are dying younger than women, women statistically are surviving as victims. But if we're to defeat this destructive pattern and find victory for both men and women we need to recognize roles other than those our fairy tales have assigned.

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But, is that fair? Is there not more to story than just hero and heroine, Warrior and Martyr? What of other characters and other choices when up against peril? Peter Rabbit fled. Thumbelina asked for help. Fairy godmothers guessed riddles and transformed rags into riches, frogs into princes. Warriors and Martyrs, yes, but there are also Pilgrims, Orphans, and Wizards! There is more than one way to skin a cat, and when up against conflict there is more than one way to tame the trouble.

For one thing, we can trade shoes. If we are men we can learn what it means to submit, to be a Martyr, to swoon in the face of conflict—as did Hansel at the wicked witch's house. Likewise, if we are women we can learn what it means to be the fairytale Warrior, to slay and conquer and defeat—as did Gretel to save Hansel. Both of us can try on new shoes altogether and learn a few new roles.

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What about the Pilgrim, Orphan, Wizard? It's when we insist on doing it the same old way every single time that the dragon wins—and why so many of us are not living happily ever after. For a woman, particularly one who's been raised in the church, this concept of choice is difficult to grasp. So it's quite difficult to look at Scripture and see a different story, and this is why it is so difficult for us as religious women to see that we have choice.

We can't help but look at the Bible and see reflected from its pages our own cultural misunderstandings. We look into the pages of Scripture and almost automatically see only the fairytale roles of Warrior and Martyr. David the Warrior. Martha the Martyr. And so when the dragon roars, men rush to slay, women to submit, all of us dying and being victimized, and we zip right past all the other possible choices. We forget that there is choice. We didn't even know to look for choice. I didn't know to look for it.

Like most women raised in the church I only knew the role of Martyr. This was it as far as God was concerned; in conflict I was to swoon, to give in. But at the age of twenty-nine I was forced to wake up to the fact that this wasn't working. I wondered, looking around at the failure of my life. Was I, I had to ask myself, doing everything I could? Or was I missing something important? I spent a couple of rough years pouring over Scripture to find out where I had gone wrong. At first I kept finding verses that supported the role of Martyr—good old Sarah keeping mum and winding up in the Pharaoh 's harem, Martha washing dishes and serving tea and sweeping floors.

These women kept shoving me back to square one.

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Fogged by cultural mandates I saw only men slaying and women submitting and it all seemed to work out so well in the Bible, but in real life? Was the sacrifice of self a woman's only option? Is this why we were born? But then one day eating granola at my kitchen table I ran into Deborah, a Hebrew prophetess and military commander. Nobody in Sunday school had ever told me about female warriors. And then I found Abigail while eating cold toast.


Nobody had ever told me about her either. She disobeyed her husband and, before it was all done the King up and married her! Disobey her husband? And find a whole new wonderful life? Suddenly I began looking at men and women in the Bible with new understanding.

lastsurestart.co.uk/libraries/locator/737-best-cellphone.php Every morning over breakfast I was able to find, easily enough, all kinds of roles being played out in the lives of dozens of men and women all down through Jewish history as they battled the dragons before them! Here was Tamar, playing prostitute in order to assure herself of her lawful rights to a son by the house of Jacob! Here was Jacob "pulling the wool" so to speak! Suddenly, no longer stuck interpreting Scripture from my fairytale assigned position as Martyr, I began at last to grasp the concept of alternatives. Deborah the Warrior! Ruth the Martyr!

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Esther the Orphan! Hagar the Pilgrim! Abigail the Wizard! For me, a religious woman taught to blindly submit, this was liberating illumination; I rejoiced in this affirmation, this permission to make a different choice! This was my beginning. I have since gone on to discover these same roles everywhere—in men and women today, in women of history, in the characters of our favorite stories. They can even be found in our fairytales—and oftentimes more picturesque there than in the book of Judges.